this is where you learn about a product designer named yair

The Gig Economy Experience

Building a better experience for entrepreneurs who want to get shit done

AI Backed Personal Assistant Chatbot (That Speaks Burmese)

Empowering 53 million people with an AI assistant that speaks their language

Keep The Story Going

Reimagining how book lovers can enjoy their favorite titles anytime, anywhere

One App To Rule Them All (Tablets)

Bringing Prime Music to 40 million Fire tablets running on three different OS versions with 4 different screen densities

Building A Social Search Engine For Places

One unified design to present 5 million user profiles, 40 million venues, and 1 million curated venue content items from 30 review sites from around the world

For confidentiality reasons, I have taken out the actual numbers from all the companies I have worked for and have put percentage. These are all just my views on the project I worked on and does not represent the views on the organizations.

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