Hobbies Into Realities

In the past few years I have started working on side projects whenever I have some ideas I think would help solve real world problems or simply just wanted to see what I am capable of. In some cases, it’s just simply helping a friend out. 

The followings are the projects I have worked on and I am proud to share with everyone.

Streaming Music Service for Burmese Songs

Building a better experience for entrepreneurs who want to get shit done

AI Backed Personal Assistant Chatbot (That Speaks Burmese)

Empowering 53 million people with an AI assistant that speaks their language


I started making music under the name BlackBloc and recorded mostly all by myself

For confidentiality reasons, I have taken out the actual numbers from all the companies I have worked for and have put percentage. These are all just my views on the project I worked on and does not represent the views on the organizations.

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